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Scripture for the day:  Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created . . .”

I went outside early this morning and watched the sunrise.  I listened to my world slowly awaken with the sounds of birds singing, calling to their mates.  The crows were loud, shattering the silence with their piercing caws.  The hummingbirds were quiet as they came to feed, their only noise a whirring of wings.

The grass was sparkling with dew, each blade dressed with shimmering gems reflecting the new-day’s light.  The flowers were fresh and bright, enjoying their overnight respite from the sun and wind.  I sat still and listened.  I breathed in the fresh, cool air.  For the moment, I just was.  No need to talk.  Just inhale, exhale, enjoy.

My yard became busy with breakfast.  Cowbirds came to the feeders, eating hurriedly, with great commotion.  A turkey hen came to scratch and eat under the feeder, turning occasionally to look at me .  The chickadees, titmice, sparrows all took their turn at the feeders, but then the real show began.  It was time for the buntings and finch to eat.  First came a male goldfinch, all dressed in his bright yellow plumage, ready to brighten any day.  Next came a pair of Lazuli buntings.  They are not supposed to be in my area, but they’ve been here all week.  Apparently they didn’t read the book.  Then, right on time, came a pair of Indigo buntings.  All that was missing was the painted bunting, but he was elsewhere today.  My eyes feasted on all the beauty around me.  What a glorious way to start my day!

I read the first chapter of Genesis about creation, and I was so humbled, so thankful, so blessed by all God gave to me.  I’m thankful today for every blade of grass, every flower petal, every wild creature, every weed.  As God said repeatedly in Genesis “It is good.”  Take time today to sit outside and take in the beauty of God’s world.  It is the best therapy in this world.

Song for the day:  “Majesty” by Michael W. Smith


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  1. Ellie
    May 22, 2014 @ 11:36:12

    Okay, although this was beautifully written . . . DON’T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN! 🙂 Oh Connie, when I read the headline in my email, I prayed that the cancer hadn’t returned. You are such an inspiration to me and many of my favorite blogging followers have experienced heartbreaking situations lately – and I was afraid you might be too. I know, I know . . . “be anxious about nothing” . . . and the other Bible verse I thought of was “to live is Christ, to die is gain” but not yet, not yet.

    Seriously, this was a beautiful post that touched my heart and I have done the exact same thing for we have glorious sunrises in Arizona! Bless you dearly my friend, stay healthy in body, mind and spirit,

  2. chemocurls
    May 22, 2014 @ 11:47:26

    Oh, Ellie, I’m so sorry!!! Believe me, you’ll know if the beast returns. You won’t find out in an email title! Still well and praising Him. Hope all is well with you. Blessings, my dear friend.

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