What am I Worth?

I haven’t written anything for two months.  I was questioning whether or not I should continue to write this blog.  Several things influenced my decision to continue.  First and foremost, I feel God has called me to do this.  I am called to tell others about Jesus, and this is my venue.  So I continue to write for Him.  Another factor in my decision was community.  This blog has become my outlet for expression.  This is my “front porch”, my “backyard fence” where ideas are exchanged and discussed.  I like being a part of this community, and so I would miss the exchanges if I didn’t participate.  And last, but not least, several have wondered where I had gone.  They were kind enough to say they missed my words, and so I am back.  May God get the glory.

Scripture for the day:  Isaiah 43:4a “Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you;”

I’m thinking today about worth.  What is it?  The dictionary defines it as the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful.  So how does that apply to me?  Am I valuable?  useful?  desirable?  This scripture says I am precious to God, honored and loved.

But how does the world see me?  Am I old?  used up?  worthless?  Some days it may feel that way if I listen to the youth-oriented commercials.  But I choose to listen to what God has to say through His Word.  From His perspective, my worth has nothing to do with my activities, feelings or accomplishments.  Nothing I do of my own goodness or in my own strength is of any value to God.  Isaiah 64:6a says “But we are all like an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags;”

Because of Christ – not because of anything else – I am of highest worth.  I am a “Grace Girl” – not perfect but changed by God’s unconditional love.  I am restored to beauty by the shed blood of Christ on the cross.  I am His daughter, precious, worthy, loved.

Because of what Christ did on the cross, I can be clothed in the “robe of righteousness.”  2 Corinthians 5:21 says “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

So the next time Satan comes shooting his darts of worthlessness, remember it is a big lie.  Don’t live a life in defeat!  You are a child of the King!  Live the life He meant you to live:  worthy, precious, forgiven.  Here’s a good verse of Scripture to have in your arsenal for that day.  Isaiah 49:15-16 “Yet I will not forget you.  See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;”

Am I worthy?  You bet I am!  I am a King’s Kid, a Grace Girl and I will hold my head high and proudly wear my robe of righteousness.  Christ paid with His life so that I might wear that robe.  He meant it just for me!  I wear it proudly and proclaim the name of the One who gave it to me.

Song for the day:  “I Stand Amazed” by Chris Tomlin




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  1. ashl33k
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:41:21

    We are worthy because we were bought at a price!! A big, big, big price!

  2. Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:53:44

    If you have made a difference in only one person’s life Connie, that is enough. And you have made a difference to countless souls through your wise words and generous spirit, Including mine! I previously had written to say I missed you terribly and worried that perhaps your illness had returned. How grateful I am to discover that is not the case.

    Remember 1 John 4:4 and continue to shake your fist at Satan and tell him he is not welcome in your temple. God’s grace is sufficient for you to endure all things, even discouragement.Welcome back my friend, you were missed, blessings,

  3. chemocurls
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:54:17

    Amen! The price is too big for me to comprehend, but I am so grateful. May God bless your day.

  4. chemocurls
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 11:00:12

    Thanks, Ellie. It’s good to be back. You are one of those I would have missed most. Thank you for your encouragement. It’s wonderful to have a friend like you! Satan? Go peddle your lies elsewhere. I’m a Grace Girl. Hugs, Connie

  5. Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 11:04:09

    Right back at ya, my true friend. If you ever need someone to converse with, I hope you always retain my email and use it! Hugs back to you and that precious family of yours,

  6. chemocurls
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 11:21:16

    Thanks, Ellie. I just got very involved with Christmas this year. Hosted 10 people at my house plus making many homemade gifts. It was a very special time for me, but it consumed me for a while. When I was thinking about what I wanted to continue to do in 2014, I thought of my blog. As you can tell, I decided it was worth another year. Thank you for your friendship and support. I value you. Blessings in the new year. Hugs in Him, Connie

  7. 1cor1013
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 15:19:35

    What a joy to have to back. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. chemocurls
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 16:06:39

    Thanks, Donna. It’s nice to have you as a part of my community. Hope all is well. Much love to you.

  9. Unshakable Hope
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 13:48:58

    Great post! I’m glad you’re blogging again, Connie.

  10. chemocurls
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 09:17:53

    Thanks, Bill. You’re part of the community I would have missed. You are such an inspiration. May God bless you today. He blesses me through you.

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