Let Them See You

Scripture for the day:  Galatians 3:26-27  “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.  For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

I put on clothes.  I put on shoes.  I put on a coat, hat and gloves when it is cold outside.  But do I put on Christ?  Do I make sure I am clothed in His righteousness before I leave home?  If not, I will be ineffective as I try to witness for Him.

God has given all of us special talents, gifts unique to us, and we are called to use those gifts for Him.  I love to write, and I feel it is a gift from God.  When I spend quiet time with Him, I am usually led to express what I am feeling from the Bible study on paper.  It is only then that the words become real for me.

God places each of us in unique situations; and He uses those times to refine us, bring us closer to Him.  I volunteer every Tuesday at a cancer center.  Yesterday I was blessed to spend time with a woman who is undergoing treatment.  She was pale, thin, hoarse from the drugs they were giving her, her bald head covered with a wig, but she was smiling.  We talked about those days when you simply need to have a pity party.  She told me during those sad, overwhelming times she prayed for her sons, not herself.  So God has put Jo and her sons on my heart.  I prayed for them yesterday, and I am praying for them today.  Because Jo and I shared a unique situation (cancer) we were able to connect in a way that would have been impossible for others.  So I count my cancer diagnosis as a gift from God.  Because of that unique situation, I am able to comfort others going through a difficult time.

Jo and I also shared a belief in Jesus Christ.  We are both daughters of the King, and we have a relationship with Him.  We talked about how He had walked with us through the deep waters of cancer diagnosis and treatment, never letting us sink to the bottom.  We shared how thankful we are for Jesus’ love and saving grace.  Cancer treatment may be ravaging Jo’s body, but her spirit is whole and happy, clothed in Christ.

I am dressed and ready for the day.  But I want Him to take my voice, my words, my actions today and make them His.  If He does, it will be a good day.

Song for the day:  “Let Them See You” by Colton Dixon




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