Morning Glories

Scripture for the day:  2 Timothy 1:5 “when I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am persuaded is in you also.”

I have a morning-glory vine climbing the bird feeder pole (and everything else) outside my kitchen window.  Every morning I am greeted by a mass of pink, purple, blue and white flowers.  They are spectacular, definitely worth getting up to see.  I am dazzled by their beauty.

I also have patches of wild sunflowers growing wild in the fringes of my yard.  They, too, are spectacular, masses of bright yellow flowers.  They are very eye-catching, and they are especially attractive to the goldfinch in my yard.  Again, dazzling.

My yard is also full of oak trees.  They are tall and majestic.  They provide shelter for the birds, a playground for the squirrels, much-needed shade and beauty.  They were here when we cleared ground for our house 37 years ago, and they will be here long after we are gone.  They have withstood wind, hail, ice storms, insects and drought.  And yet they stand, steadfast and strong.

I am thinking today of Christians.  Some are like the morning-glory vine and wild sunflowers in my yard.  They pop up, dazzle everyone for a short while, and then they are gone.  Poof.  Then there are those Christians who are steadfast in their faith.  They never waver, never falter, always stand firm in their belief.  They may not dazzle, but they shine.  The light of Jesus illuminates their life and everything around them.

I want to be a mighty oak.  I want to be grounded in the Word, steadfast in my belief and ready to share with the world.  Maybe I can even convince a few morning glories and sunflowers to join me.

Song for the day:  “Faith of Our Fathers”

I am reminded of my parents, grandparents, many aunts and uncles who were mighty oaks for the cause of Christ.  May I be like they were.  May others see that same faith in me.  I want to be like Timothy, faithful, resolute, steadfast.


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