Newness of Life

Scripture for the day:  Romans 6:4  “Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

My Father is using His broad brush of spring to paint my landscape this morning.  Outside my window I see soft, glistening raindrops falling to the ground, refreshing, cleansing everything they touch.  I see new leaves on the trees, lime-green, blemish-free, perfect.

I see birds at the feeder, eating but with other thoughts besides survival.  A male cardinal is feeding his mate.  A month ago, he might have chased her away.  Chickadees are feeding young in a bird house by my garden.  They are too busy to eat at the moment, but they will come to the feeder for a snack later on.  A pair of bluebirds are very excited and animated about their new home.  She is intent on decorating, getting the nursery just right.  He is trying to help but also offering songs of encouragement.

Little seedlings are bursting through the soil, stretching their new leaves, reaching for the light.  Tiny oaks are springing up from their bed of leaves and new growth is appearing everywhere.

I am celebrating new life, too.  It is springtime in my soul today.  The brown leaves of cancer diagnosis and treatment lay dormant on the floor of my life.  Just as the oak leaves on the trail in the woods, they don’t threaten me.  They are there, but they don’t matter today.  The memories are fading, becoming like compost to feed new thoughts, new hopes, new dreams.

I, too, am a new creature in Christ.  I was washed in the waters of holy baptism and my life glistens.  I’m not perfect but God is working on me daily.  The worm-eaten leaves of my life that were made ugly by sin are being transformed.  The powdery mildew is being washed away.

I am alive in Christ.  He restores, redeems, remakes.  He makes all things new.

Song for the day:  All Things New by Steven Curtis Chapman



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