Scripture for the day:  Philippians 1:4 “In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.”

Prayer is a precious gift.  It enables us to come before God with praise, thanksgiving, problems and concerns.  It is what I seek immediately when problems arise.  I want God’s input, His direction, His guidance.

The most beautiful prayers, though, are the prayers lifted for others.  There have been many times in my life when I could actually feel prayers being said on my behalf.  My burden suddenly became lighter, the road less scary and I became more hopeful.

It is important to pray with joy as this scripture references.  It should never be a burden but a beautiful gift, something we alone can give that person.  Sometimes it is very specific and personal.  Other times it is just a lifting of that person to God.  We often feel compelled to pray for someone at the Holy Spirit’s urging and don’t know the reasons.  It doesn’t matter.  God knows and He hears our prayers.

May I be loving to those around me so that they feel free to ask me to pray for them.  May I be available when I am called to pray for another, and may I be faithful in the task.  Prayer is a beautiful gift.  It isn’t wrapped in shiny paper with colorful bows, but it is a gift none the less.  It is a gift I love to receive, and one I love to give.  It truly makes a difference.  It changes lives.  May I be faithful in prayer today.

Song for the day:  Sweet Hour of Prayer



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  1. Lil Miss Kris
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 11:08:25

    I used to pray out loud. Then I stopped and started journaling out my prayers because I’m so A.D.D sometimes that hearing my own voice I would forget what I was praying about. Prayer life for me is so hard. I can get so legalistic about it to where it has no heart in it. You’re right. Prayer is a gift.

  2. chemocurls
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 14:55:13

    I like to journal. Like you, I am easily distracted, and so my prayers often go off on tangents. I try to keep it simple and let God fill in the blanks. He knows my heart even if I don’t have the right words. God bless. Connie

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