Scripture for the day:  Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times . . .”

Friends are such a blessing.  I have quite a collection, and I treasure every one of them.

Some are old friendships, and we share a history.  We’ve been through happy times and tragedies together, and our friendship has blossomed and grown.

Other friendships are new and exciting.  They don’t have the depth but they have sparkle.

Some friendships are like seed that is planted on infertile ground.  They sprout up, flourish for a while and then wither.  They add interest to my life, but I can’t count on them.  They may simply disappear when times are tough and I need them most.

My bout with cancer taught me a lot about friendship.  The love I felt from friends was like a warm oil being pored over my hurting body.  I discovered friends I didn’t know I had and lost a few I thought were mine forever.

Through all of that trial, however, my most treasured friend was Jesus.  His love for me never changed.  He was always there for me no matter what.  He was and is a constant in my life, and I am so grateful.  He knows everything about me, and He loves me anyway.  What a friend I have in Jesus!


Song for the day:  “I’ve Found a Friend, O Such a Friend”


“I’ve found a friend, O such a friend! Christ loved me ere I knew Him; He drew me with the cords of love, and thus He bound me to Him; and round my heart still closely twine those ties which naught can sever, for I am His, and Christ is mine, forever and forever.”



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  1. momandprophet
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 09:40:15

    Do you have any thoughts on dates for our Day of Hope event? I need to discuss it with Johnny, and a date that works for you would be very helpful.

    How’s your day going? We’re having a good week here. Life feels “normal”–that’s really nice.


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