Scripture for the day:  Psalms 142:3 “When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path.”

When I was a little girl, I was a weed’s best friend.  I loved to pick dandelion seed heads and blow on them, scattering the seeds far and wide.  I loved seeing the wind catch the tiny seeds and send them flying.  They would swirl and dance around me, completely at the whim of the wind.  On a calm day, it was up to me to send them flying.  I liked windy days best because I wasn’t in charge.  It was that powerful force that I couldn’t see.  I could only see the evidence that it was there.

God is like that in our lives.  His presence is felt and we see the evidence of His being.  He can calm the storms of our lives, or He can equip us to handle them.  He can catch the seeds before they hit the ground or He can let them sail.  He can direct them toward fertile soil or he can let them land amid the rocks and rubble.

Sometimes we don’t even know He is in the storm with us.  Sometimes we are too caught up in where all those tiny seeds are going to see the bigger picture.  But God always knows.  No seed is too small, too insignificant for our great God to see.  He cares so deeply.  He loves so much.  Chaos swirled around my little dandelions, but God knew the path each one would take.  It was not chaotic to Him.

I thank Him for His faithfulness, His protection, His love in my life.


Song for the day:  “Sometimes He Calms the Storms” by Scott Krippayne


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