The Sweetest Hour

Scripture for the day:  Matthew 7:7  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”


I love this scripture and the promises it confers to me as a child of God.  I am to come before my Father and ask for what I need.  What I ask for must be in God’s will for my life and it must bring honor to my Father.  If those two conditions are met, my request will be granted.  Sometimes God does not give me what I ask for, but something better.  That again is what is right for me and my Father knows much more than I.  He will never give me a lesser gift than what He desires for me.  I am to seek in the right way, humbly, open to His will, prayerfully.  I am to knock in the same manner, with prayerful humility but with perseverance.  Sin had shut and barred the door to us but by prayer Christ will open the door.  Not all doors will be open to us and not always on our first attempt.  We must be patient but persevere, content to wait faithfully in prayer.  I feel so blessed to be allowed to come at all.  I owe that precious gift to Jesus, and I say “thank you, Lord”.


Song for the day:  “Sweet Hour of Prayer”


Through prayer, I am able to make all my wants and wishes known.  I can cast my cares on Him, believe His word, and trust His grace.  How wonderful to come to the Father in prayer.  An hour should not be enough.



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