The King’s Kids

Scripture for the day:  1 Samuel 16:7 “…Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him.  For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


Physical beauty.  Some of us are born with more than others, but it is always fleeting.  My mother used to say “Beauty is only skin deep”.  She cared about developing good qualities inside of me and didn’t focus on my physical  appearance as much.  But I cared about my outward appearance.  As a child, I thought I was too skinny, my nose too long, my legs too long, my neck too long . . . on and on and on.  It is even harder for teens today where images of beautiful people are flashed before them constantly.  If you don’t like your appearance, a doctor is willing to inject you with Botox, reshape your body or your face.  A knife or a needle can fix just about anything.  But what about the inside?  How do you fix negative feelings or desires?  How do you feel beautiful on the inside?  I have the cure and it doesn’t come in a bottle or a syringe.  It comes in the form of a Savior, the Christ who died on a cross!  My prayer today is for teens.  I pray that they will see themselves as Christ sees them:  beautiful, worthy, special.  I pray that they will focus on developing a relationship with Him so that they will have the peace that only He can give.  When cruel things are said, I pray God will shield them, reassure them, help them remember they are loved and valued in His kingdom.  They are regal — kids of the King — and they are beautiful!


Song for the day:  “Beautiful” by MercyMe


I love this song!  The message is so uplifting.  May young people everywhere believe this and not all the lies being thrown at them every day.  They are treasured!  They are sacred!   They are HIS!  They’re beautiful!


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