Jesus Changed Me

Scripture for the day:  Colossians 3:11 ” . . . but Christ is all and in all.”

Ovarian cancer changed my life, but there are many positive things to go along with the negative. On the minus side, my body is different. Some things don’t work as well; some things are simply gone. I try not to focus on the downside, though.

On the positive side, I find many blessings. Without the medical intervention provided by doctors and support staff, I would not be here today. I credit them with saving my life and giving me a second chance.

As a ovarian cancer survivor, I am a different person. I treasure the good things in my life and try to ignore the bad. I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. I cherish time spent with family . . . shopping trips with teenage granddaughters, watching football games with my family, playing with my 4-year-old granddaughter and watching as she discovers her world, spending time with my husband, quiet evenings with friends. I felt the icy wind in my face this winter and watched snowflakes dance across the landscape. I lived through one of the hottest summers ever recorded in Oklahoma and complained lustily!  Life is good.

Ultimately, I thank God. He used a difficult time in my life to draw me closer to Him and to turn a horrendous thing into good. He changed me. The small things no longer consume me. I have given up controlling everyone and everything around me. I am content to just be me and let life flow around me. I am thankful and I feel blessed.

Today is good. I am alive.  Jesus is in every part of my life, the good and the bad, and I am so grateful.

Song for the day:  “All That Thrills My Soul”

“All that thrills my soul is Jesus, He is more than life to me;”


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