Sorting the Laundry

Scripture for the day:  Proverbs 14:14 “The backslider in heart will be filled with his own ways, but a good man will be satisfied from above.”   


I’m stubborn.  I admit it.  For years I refused to totally surrender my life to God.  It was like sorting laundry.  I had a pile for God and several little piles for me.  His were the BIG things, and there was no question but that they were His.  I felt sufficient to handle my little piles.  No need to bother God with those.  I was capable of managing on my own.  Wrong!  It took years and a very serious illness to bring me to a place of complete surrender.  It is a much better place to be, and I regret not doing it sooner.  There is so much joy and peace where I am now.  My joy rests with the Father and all He provides on a daily basis.  I no longer have to sort the laundry.  He simply gets it all, and it is white as snow.


Song for the day:  “I Surrender All”


I surrender all to Jesus.  I give it freely.  I hold nothing back.  May His love and tender mercies fill me and show me the way to live today.



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